Thomas Deacon Education Trust

The Thomas Deacon Education Trust (TDET) is a charitable organisation that unites and empowers like-minded schools to achieve the very best for their students and communities. At the heart of the Trust’s vision is a profound belief that difference is a strength to be valued and celebrated.
We are proud of our links to the city of Peterborough and its surrounding areas. We share the city’s ambitious vision for growth and believe that our schools and the education of young people must be at the heart of these plans. The Trust works across all phases of education; our ambition is to provide every child in our schools with the best life chances and high aspirations. By focussing on the city of Peterborough and its immediate surroundings, the Trust’s schools share a context as well as physical proximity. The resulting close working relationships are central to the Trust’s vision which is to build meaningful collaboration between our schools, teachers, students and local business and community leaders.
All members of our Trust – our schools, members of staff, students and communities – are united in purpose through a set of shared common values and expectations:

  • Trust – we are honest and supportive
  • Diversity – we embrace individual differences
  • Excellence – we want the very best and never give up on doing what is right 
  • Transformation – we work together to make a positive impact

We know that there is no such thing as a one-size fits-all approach to education. Our schools are individual members of the Trust community; although they are united by values and purpose they have the freedom to innovate and to adapt to the needs of their students and local community. Serving such a diverse community brings great opportunities; for example, all students are encouraged to be bi-lingual learners.
We firmly believe that the Trust as a whole is more than the sum of its parts. All of our schools are equally valued; they shape the development and direction of the Trust as we grow together.