Nene Park Academy

Nene Park Academy is an educational community whose philosophy embraces the challenges of academic excellence, responsibility and leadership, spiritual awareness and participation in a wide variety of activities. It is housed in outstanding new buildings containing state of the art facilities for all faculties which were completed in September 2013.
In November 2013 Ofsted reported that Nene Park Academy is a good school where achievement is good and rising rapidly. At NPA we are constantly striving to be better, by benchmarking our practices with other outstanding schools and organisations nationally.
Academic excellence is important, but the values that go with the achievement of the students are critical in ensuring that our students are well prepared for the challenges which await them beyond the school gates. At NPA, boys and girls explore their identity and strengths, and find the expertise that helps them to transform individual talents into accomplishments – accomplishments which will make them valued and respected in an increasingly complex world.
The focus of the Academy is encapsulated in our Value Statements:

  • The Pursuit of Excellence
  • Valuing People
  • Achievement For All
  • A High Quality Learning Environment
  • Extending the Boundaries of Learning

At Nene Park Academy we quite simply strive to know and support every student to enjoy and achieve.
In 2011 Nene Park Academy was established within the Cambridge Meridian Academies Trust which was formed by Swavesey Village College in Cambridgeshire. The Trust has since opened Stamford Welland Academy in Stamford and West Town Primary School in Peterborough with whom we work in close partnership. This provides new energy to drive further improvements and to recruit, develop and retain staff.
For further information on the Trust, please visit our Trust website