Gladstone Primary Academy

Gladstone Primary Academy opened in February 2017, near the centre of Peterborough. The school is situated across two sites, a few minutes walk apart. Two sites gives Gladstone Primary Academy excellent facilities, including 4G pitches, a learning centre, a food technology suite, halls and computer rooms.
We have 600 lively young minds at Gladstone Primary Academy. We help them understand what they can achieve now and what they need to do to become even better. Teachers also know exactly where their students are in terms of achievement and have high aspirations for them.
Belief in the power of learning is the foundation of the high expectations, constant challenge and inspirational teaching that motivates our learners. The journey that our learners embark upon builds confidence within them and shapes independent, resilient and reflective learners who care for each other, support each other and grow together. Our pupils mature into skilled learners who can use the power of their learning to embrace diversity, meet the challenges that face them and adopt a “can do” attitude to their daily lives.
We have high expectations of children, both academically and socially. Children are taught to know right from wrong and to value the opportunities they have at our academy. Children are taught to follow our four simple rules;

  • Be Safe
  • Follow instructions
  • Show respect
  • Learn well

Children know that good behaviour is expected of them and are frequently praised and rewarded for making a good effort and for being kind, helpful, hard-working and well-behaved. This results in a safe, calm and purposeful academy.
At Gladstone Primary Academy, we always give visitors a warm welcome. If you are interested in visiting our school, please contact the school office on either 01733 343 908 or [email protected]