A New Era in Peterborough’s Education History

University Centre Peterborough (UCP) is on track to become its own fully-independent university, making history in the city.

UCP was created as a joint venture between Peterborough Regional College and Anglia Ruskin University. Courses are currently taught at UCP but accredited by Anglia Ruskin University. The plan is for UCP to become a fully-independent University with its own awarding powers by 2022. It is also intended for UCP to have its own campus and accommodation.
The university will create more opportunities to study for young people from both in and outside the city. It will also attract a highly-skilled workforce to Peterborough and lead to thousands of new jobs in a variety of sectors, including teaching, maintenance, technology and IT.
The university will also cause a multiplier-effect on the local economy as an increase in population will create more demand for housing and leisure facilities. Overall, it will have a fantastic effect on Peterborough’s economy and help reduce the ‘Brain Drain’ to other parts of the UK.